Protect Your Assets!

You work hard for your money. Too hard to let just anyone hook up to your trailer and drive off with it and it's cargo. Whether we're talking about the trailer you use to move equipment and material in your business, move livestock, or the trailer you use to take your boat to the lake, the answer is the same, you need to protect your rolling assets to the fullest.

Thus, let us introduce you to The Collar.

The Collar is a unique locking device invented by a trailer owner especially to provide protection for trailers equipped with sliding sleeve trailer couplers such as the Bulldog® trailer coupler and the new similar RAM couplers from China.

The heavy duty, Patented design of The Collar combined with your choice of popular padlocks, gives your rolling assets maximum protection from theft and unauthorized use.

The Collar works simply and effectively by blocking the rearward travel of the locking sleeve of the coupler. It is simple to install and requires no tools. Thus, once the coupler is closed and The Collar is applied, it is virtually impossible to open the hitch jaw to insert or remove a tow ball.

Full-Time Protection Is Yours

Since The Collar attaches to your trailer coupler without blocking the socket or interfering with the hitching function in any way, it can be used whether the trailer is attached to or detached from a towing vehicle. You no longer need one lock for towing and another for parking your trailer. The Collarshould never get lost or stolen since is stays on your trailer 24-7.

Rugged, Long Lasting Construction

The Collar is precision cast out of nearly 1-1/2 pounds of corrosion-resistant 316 Stainless Steel. The curved design resists physical damage such as hammering and sawing to provide you with a lifetime of protection for your trailer.

The hinge is constructed with a concealed, floating, hardened steel pin to resist hammering, drilling and grinding.

Works With A Variety Of Padlocks

The Collar is designed to work with a large variety of easily obtainable padlocks from manufacturers such as American and Master. You control who has keys or the combination to the lock. Some locks can even be keyed to match your home or business (contact your locksmith). Should security be compromised, such as when a key is lost or stolen, simply replace the padlock.

In addition, the design of the locking tabs on The Collar, provide strength and also help guard the shackle of the padlock from tampering, cutting and sawing. For maximum protection, we recommend using a padlock with a shrouded shackle.

Works With Both Low and High Profile Bulldog® Hitches

The Collar is designed to work with both the low and the high profile latch styles manufactured by The Hammerblow Corporation and all the RAM couplers. The Collar also works with the most common tongue mounts offered.

The The Collar is available alone, or packaged with a 70 mm Stainless Steel Disc Padlock.

The Collar is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.


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